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National Hospital Radio Awards 2014.
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Poppy Ridgeway Radio's Season of Remembrance continues with this audio recording of the Service of Remembrance held at the Dorchester War Memorial on Sunday 9th November 2014

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Cummins presentation

Ridgeway Radio is very grateful to Cummins & Co, Chartered Accountants and Tax Advisors, of Poundbury, Dorchester for their support and generous donation of a much-needed new computer system.

The picture above taken in the Ridgeway Radio studio, and reproduced with many thanks to Harry Hogger and the Dorset Echo, shows Ridgeway presenters Mark Blackford and John Shepherd, whilst seated are Ridgeway Radio President, Alistair Chisholm with Debbie Cummins from Cummins & Co.

Read Harry's full report in the Dorset Echo here.

You can find more information about Cummins & Co here